ROK U Spring League

The Republic of Korea Ultimate held its annual Spring League which started on March 2016. The league went on throughout April and May and had their finals on June 11th.

The league consists of sixteen teams from all over South Korea. It is Double Happiness' second time to be the merchandise partner of a ROK U League after being the merchandise parter of the ROKU Fall League 2015.

Here are some pictures of the ROKU Spring League finals day.

For more information about the league, you may visit


DURHAM HAT 2016: Be Fearless at the Battle of the Maiden Castle

Mark your calendars because it’s going to be a busy weekend for Durham Hat 2016 on June 10, 2016 to June 12, 2016! Wear your armor made by the strength of Double Happiness and be brave enough to conquer the battle! Get lost in the medieval times as you flick your way to become the champion! 

Double Happiness will be suiting you up for this event which will be held at the Maiden Castle at the Graham Sports Centre, Durham, United Kingdom. You should always be ready for battle so don’t forget to bring your boots, water, money to party and to eat and a tent if you plan to get closer to nature by camping. The party is going to be themed with the event so present yourself proudly with a costume! Never forget to bring your best spirit to win the event!

Are you brave enough to slay shielded and armored with Double Happiness?
If you are, head down to for more details!

Here's a glimpse of the jerseys we made for the tournament! 


Double Happiness Announces Its Partnership With Friction Gloves

Achieving a better accuracy is every player’s dream and Double Happiness found a new way to bring you closer to your dream! We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Friction Gloves, a US based gloves company who heard the concerns of players who find difficulty in playing during the wet and cold weather. They developed a product that will give better grip resulting to more chances of better spins with longer throws.

Various gloves can greatly affect your throws so starting April 2016, we are going to make you see the big difference. Friction gloves 2.0 will be available for sale through the Double Happiness facebook page and in the Double Happiness Online Shop when it opens this year at a retail price of USD 25.99 or PHP 1,200 per pair. Available sizes on hand are Women's Small & Medium and Male Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.

Dylan Freechild from PDX Rhino/UO Ego/Team USA shared his experience and said Friction Gloves do add yards to my deep throws, I really enjoy my heightened ability to catch in any weather, with any hand, regardless of where the disc is relative to my body. I feel confident every time the disc if thrown my direction when I am wearing Friction Gloves and with the threat of a deep ball, it opens up under and break throws I wouldn't always normally look for.”

If you prefer to play with bare hands thinking you might get dependent on the gloves, Tyler Kinley from Seattle Sockeye/AUDL Cascades realized what his hands were missing and said "I am not a glove wearer by choice. I find my bare hands suitable - preferable, in fact - for catching, and throwing, and most other hand-required facets of my life. That said, there are times - and games - where I find Friction Gloves very useful."

Double Happiness wants to bring you closer to your dreams by playing with hands in consistent grip in your every motion! Thanks to Friction Gloves!

For more information regarding Friction Gloves, you can check their site:


Help Support the Pilipinas Mixed and Women's Team for WUGC 2016

The Philippines is sending two teams to London on June 18-25, 2016 for the World Ultimate and Guts Championship 2016. The two teams have some of the best players in the country and they are asking for your support on their bid for worlds. The one-week event will be quite expensive for some of the players and any donation, in cash or even airline miles will really go a long way. It will help fund the airfare, accommodation, and living expenses of the players who don't have enough funds to travel to the UK. 

You may donate here for the Mixed Team.

And here for the Women's Team.

Thank you and see you all in London! :))


Rascals Developmental Tournament 3

The organizing committee from the Rascals team received an overwhelming amount of bids from different teams in Singapore this year and close to six hundred participants from twenty-four different teams were chosen to participate in the 3rd Rascals Developmental Tournament held on January 16-17, 2016 at the West Coast Park in Singapore.

The Rascals Developmental Tournament was first created to provide a levelled playing field for new teams and it has came a long way from the first RDT in 2013. For two years in a row, Double Happiness is the sole merchandise supplier of the event. 

Congratulations to the Skrubdisc Team for winning the championship and to all teams who participated as well!

Check out these pictures from this year's tournament!

Here are some pictures of teams wearing their double happiness jerseys!

Liu Lang Pan Tu Team

Raiders Team 

SUTD Team 

'Till next year guys!

Photo Credits: Uncle Eric Lim/ ElinWerX Sports Photography & Matthew Kwan


A Look Back

Double Happiness welcomes you to the newest addition to our website, the NEWS page.

In this page, you'll see our latest promos, news, events and sponsorship opportunities. 

A look back

We have come a long way from year 2012, the year Double Happiness started offering customized team uniforms to Ultimate Frisbee teams in the Philippines. We started with just selling Ultimate Frisbee Discs back in late 2011, because it wasn't readily available at some provinces in the Philippines. It was only available in the country's capital - Manila, and Double Happiness co-founders Vim and Christine were always looking for ways to spread the sport in the country. Vim was already organizing clinics and hat tournaments even before Double Happiness was founded. It was their desire to spread the sport that led them to expand their business from just selling discs to making team uniforms.

Here we are, a couple of years after, serving teams from all over the world! We wouldn't have been here without all the support you guys have given us. We created this page to further improve our service to all of you. We are now more committed to improving our quality and customer service more for all of you guys!

Thanks for stopping by!