Best Kind of Printing


This printing is highly demanded and highly recommended because it's a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye to the fabric. The benefits of sublimation is that the ink is weightless, imagine how you can easily move and glide like the wind! Also, your design can be anything with any color that you want. Unleash the wild artist in you and let your jersey be your artwork with the help of this printing! Because sublimation dyes the garment, the design is in the fabric and not on top, say good bye to heavy inked screen printing and embrace moving free with sublimation printing!

Double Happiness prints only using FULL SUBLIMATION. See the big difference!

Important notes: In Spot Sublimation, print does not meet expected result because the color of the design mix with the color of the fabric. Also, in Spot Sublimation, the paper mark is also seen together with the design.

The Process
Sublimation is done by printing your design on transfer paper using a digital printer with special sublimation inks.
The design on the paper is then applied to the fabric using a heat press.
Sublimation will only work on white or light colored fabric so if the base color of your shorts is dark (black, dark blue, etc), we can only do
screen printing on it or print your design through full sublimation. 

(However, there are times we break our limits to meet your demands!)


Screen Printing is a traditional form of printing on sportswear. This printing is the most common and known way because this was mostly used by all kinds of apparel before sublimation printing was introduced. There are a lot of downsides in screen printing, you should always be careful of how you wash it or rub in on other surfaces. Screen Printing's quality is good but full sublimation printing will always be better!

The Process
In screen printing, ink is directly transferred to the fabric using a stencil on the screen. It takes quite a lot of time to print,
through screen printing than sublimation because the ink needs to be manually dried before putting another color or coat.